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Why Chess ?

Chess is not just a game. It is a lifestyle. Chess teaches us those rare qualities that are required to excel in life. By playing Chess, we unleash that version of ours that we’ve never imagined.

Some of the benefits of playing chess include:

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About Arjun’s Chess Academy

Arjun’s Chess Academy, established in May 2022, is a premier chess coaching academy offering the best chess courses. With 500+ students enrolled, it stands out as the best offline and online chess academy, providing top-notch training, including the best chess courses. Students choose Arjun’s for excellence in chess education.

About Chess Master Arjun

Arjun, an esteemed chess trainer in Bahrain, renowned for his exceptional coaching skills, boasts a decade of experience nurturing FIDE-rated players globally. Through his academy, he fosters a passion for chess, aiming to cultivate champions. As a FIDE Candidate Master and USA National Master, Arjun’s accolades, including Gold Medals and international championship participation, solidify him as Bahrain’s premier chess instructor. Read more..

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Our Students Speak

18:45 20 Oct 23
Vyshnav AnilkumarVyshnav Anilkumar
14:45 03 Aug 23
Best Place. Nice Teaching. Nice atmosphere. Perfect place to learn Chess
Vivek RajVivek Raj
14:07 03 Aug 23
vyga kvyga k
08:05 20 May 23
mahaboob khan Pathanmahaboob khan Pathan
08:58 14 Jan 23
Best chess training classes in Bahrain
sohini shahsohini shah
16:50 05 Jan 23
My son ,has recently started going to Arjun's Chess Academy and he likes playing chess .Arjun sir ,is very enthusiastic and is involved in organising tournaments within the academy, as well as in association with other clubs in Bahrain. It gives kids an opportunity to play with different players and gives them a better understanding of the game and motivates them to perform better.Thank you Arjun sir and ACA for all the guidance to the young minds in this beautiful ,yet challenging game of chess.
Gopal krishnanGopal krishnan
07:38 18 Dec 22
Thanks for Arjun Chess Academy in collaboration with Al Oruba club to conduct the Bahrain National day chess tournament, the experience what kids went through was phenomenal to push themselves beyond their abilities. Thanks to Arjun sir and the coaches in ACA to prepare the kids for the competition.We are proud to be part of ACA family.
Selvaraj RSelvaraj R
08:50 26 Aug 22
My Daughter Sanjana improved her chess skills a lot through Mr.Arjun and his personal attention, guidance & motivation. Special thanks & I strongly recommend him.
Suyog MaparaSuyog Mapara
18:17 07 Aug 22
My son Palaash Suyog Mapara had developed kind of liking for chess around 1 and 1/2 year back.Back then luckily we meet Arjun Sir and inducted Palaash is his academy.Well after that the kind of relation that has been developed between Palaash, Arjun Sir and Chess is unexplainable.For Palaash Chess is synonymous to Arjun Sir and ACA. He just can't imagine being trained by anyone else.With in few months of joining the academy he started participating in various local tournaments and have won lots of prizes since than.All the best team ACA and Arjun Sir.Keep up the good work and keep spreading love for the game.

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FIDE and USCF rating certificates

Arjun’s Chess Academy earns acclaim with outstanding FIDE and USCF Ratings of 2232 and 2280, respectively. These impressive ratings underscore the academy’s unwavering commitment to fostering talent, showcasing its prowess in cultivating skilled and accomplished chess players.

Fide Rating - 2232(peak)

USCF Rating - 2280 (peak )

All Over The World

Our Chess Academy offers Best services across multiple locations, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh etc.  With a focus on chess classes for beginners, our programs cater to students of all ages and abilities. We provide top-notch online chess classes to help beginners become masters, with a track record of notable student achievements in various tournaments. Join us to move on your chess journey across the Middle East!

Recently Asked Questions

How to play chess board game?

Chess is played on an 8×8 board. Each player commands an army of pieces with unique moves. The
goal: checkmate your opponent king, putting it in a position it can’t escape

How to play chess for beginners?

Chess for beginners involves grasping piece movements, understanding rules, and recognizing basic
tactics. Start with simple strategies, practice regularly, and gradually explore advanced concepts

How do I get better at chess?

Elevate your chess skills by studying grandmaster games, practicing tactics, and analyzing your own
play. Consistency, patience, and a willingness to learn from mistakes contribute to improvement

How can I learn chess?

Learn chess by familiarizing yourself with rules, practicing basic tactics, and playing regularly.
Online platforms and chess books are valuable resources for honing your skills and understanding the

What is the best way to learn chess?

The best way to learn chess combines studying classic games, solving puzzles, and playing regularly.
Utilize online resources, join a chess club, and seek guidance to accelerate your progress

How to improve my chess game?

Improve your chess game by analysing your matches and practicing tactical puzzles. Consistent
practice, learning from experienced players, and maintaining a strategic mind-set contribute to overall