Inspiring Students Journeys at Arjun’s Chess Academy

Arjun’s Chess Academy Stands out as Bahrain’s premier destination for chess classes! Students are constantly triumphing big at tournaments. At the recent Jassim Mohammed Fakhroo Championship, ACA students took home an impressive 9 prizes! Kanushi Kishore won 3rd place inside the Kerala Under-13 Championship. Navaneet Sreekanth triumphed at the Anatoly Karpov International Open, boosting his FIDE rating! Najla Ahmed won the Bahrain Chess Championship. She Represented  Bahrain in the BRICS Games 2024 at Kazan in Russia! And she will also be representing Bahrain at the Olympiad in Hungary. Palaash Suyog Mapara, secured 5th place in the Below 1600 Category and 23rd overall out of 275 participants in the Classical FIDE Rated Tournament. Additionally, he clinched 1st place in the Under 11 category and 14th overall out of 346 players in the Blitz FIDE Rated Tournament.

Looking for the best chess programs for children in Bahrain? Look no further than Arjun’s Chess Academy!

Witnessing Growth: How Arjun’s Chess Academy Empowers Students to Excel

Building Chess Champions

Arjun’s Chess Academy is a haven for chess development, nurturing young minds since May 2022.

Expert Guidance

Arjun is a FIDE Candidate Master and USA National Master, Arjun’s provides top-notch chess lessons for students aged between 5-16.

Proven Success

With over 500 enrolled students, Arjun’s boasts a proven track record of student success stories.

Structured Learning

Their curriculum emphasises the benefits of learning chess, incorporating the best chess programs for children to refine their skills.

Inspiring Journeys of Our Students

Witness how chess development unlocks potential! Read inspiring stories of our students who excel on and off the board.

Strategies and Techniques Behind Student Victories

Structured Learning

Our curriculum incorporates the best chess programs for children, fostering strategic thinking and tactical prowess.

Expert Guidance

We provide personalised chess lessons for students aged between 8-18.

Proven Techniques:

Our chess development methods have helped over 500 students achieve success, both on and off the chessboard.

The Lifelong Benefits of Learning Chess at Arjun’s Chess Academy

  • Beyond the Checkmate

Arjun’s Chess Academy (Bahrain chess training) offers more than just Chess Development. We cultivate Holistic Development by fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and focus – skills that benefit students for life.

  • Sharpen Young Minds

 Our curriculum goes beyond the board, improving memory, awareness, and building strategic plans, all vital for educational success.

  • Building Champions, Building Futures 

Arjun’s Chess Academy empowers college students to excel, fostering confidence, discipline, and sportsmanship – qualities that translate into all aspects of life.

Arjun’s Chess Academy isn’t just about learning moves. We foster chess development, and our students’ achievements speak volumes!

Proven Results

Explore our website’s “Student Success Stories” segment to see how Arjun’s has empowered young minds to excel in chess tournaments.

Expert Guidance

we offer top-notch chess lessons for kids 

Beyond the Board

Arjun goes beyond the game, building vital thinking, hassle-solving, and recognition – abilities that advantage youngsters for existence!

Ready to witness your Kids chess journey? Visit our website and discover the champion inside!

Shining a Light on Our Talented Chess Players

At Arjun’s Chess Academy in Bahrain , we celebrate chess development beyond the tournament! We host submit-match gatherings in which younger players can unwind, connect to friends, and build lasting friendships. These casual settings foster a sense of community, enriching the overall chess experience for our students.


At Arjun’s Chess Academy we’re proud of our students’ achievements! We believe in fostering chess development and providing the support they need to excel.

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