January month 2024 - Arjun’s Chess AcademyStudents achievements


Al Oruba Club Year-End Fide Rated Open Chess Tournament


♟️3rd Place: Prithvi Raj Prajesh

♟️4th Place: Rudra Kankhara


♟️3rd Place: Hudson Antony

♟️4th Place: Kanushi Kishore

♟️5th Place: Rishi Kankhara

♟️7th Place: Khush Dholaria



🏆Champion: Aradhy Roy

♟️5th Place: Ganesh Sree Chandra

♟️7th Place: Ineeyan Devaraj Vigil

♟️10th Place: Dhruva Roy


♟️Likilesh Armagandhi

Galleria Mall Junior Rapid Chess Tournament (Under-15) winners

Arjun’s Chess Academy organized the Galleria Mall Junior Rapid Chess Tournament (Under-15) on January 6th, in collaboration with Bahrain Chess Federation and Galleria Mall.

Top 10 Prize Winners in FIDE Rated Category

🏆Champion – Rishi N

2nd – Hudson Antony

3rd – Navaneet Sreekanth

4th – Prutha Bapat

5th – Prithvi Raj Prajeesh

7th – Rudra

8th – Uttam Baratam

9th – Gabriel Vivek Joseph

Top 10 Winners in Unrated Category

🏆Champion – Apramey Kulkarni

2nd – Jonah K Aji

4th – Rudraprasad Bhure

5th – Manas Madathil

7th – Trishan Moorkoth

8th – Nilan S

9th – Esther Vivek Joseph

10th – Dhruva Roy

Beacon Private School Chess Tournament 🏆🎉

 Students from Arjun’s Chess Academy (ACA) showed off their amazing chess skills at the Beacon Private School Chess Tournament on January 30, 2024, in Hidd, Bahrain. The tournament, put together by Beacon Private School with support from Arjun’s Chess Academy and the Bahrain Chess Federation, had 80 players from 16 schools competing.

In the individual tournament, ACA students really stood out. Here are the final rankings:

Champion- Navaneet Sreekanth – New Millennium School

3rd place – Hudson Antony – New Millennium School

4th place – Uttam Baratam – The Asian School

5th place – Dhansika Nasikethan – The Asian School

6th place – Rishi Nikhil Khankhara – New Millennium School

7th place – Gautham Sudheer Kumar – Al Noor International School

8th place – PrithviRaj Prajeesh – New Millennium School

10th place – Dhrupad Lohidas – The Asian School

The ACA students did so well that the New Millennium School was declared the Best School of the tournament, with a total of 29 points. What’s even more impressive is that out of the six players from New Millennium School, five were from Arjun’s Chess Academy.

This success not only reflects the individual talents of the students but also shows how ACA is doing a great job teaching chess. By winning and making their mark, Arjun’s Chess Academy is helping create the next generation of chess champions.