March month 2024 - Arjun’s Chess Academy Students achievements

MARCH 2024

Arjun's Chess Academy Triumphs in Bahrain Chess Championship 2024

Arjun’s Chess Academy Triumphs in Bahrain Chess Championship 2024: Najla Ahmed Crowned New Women’s Champion, Wafa Yaqoob Shines

Great news from Arjun’s Chess Academy! Najla Ahmed and Wafa Yaqoob rocked the Bahrain Chess Championship 2024, putting the academy in the spotlight. Najla won the Women’s Category Championship early, and Wafa secured an awesome 4th place. Both are now set to represent Bahrain at the Olympiad in Hungary.

Najla Ahmed’s debut win is impressive. She faced tough opponents, winning 7 out of 10 rounds, even beating a former national team player. Plus, she gained 80 FIDE rating points! Najla worked hard with Mr. Arjun, the Head Coach at Arjun’s Chess Academy, for the past four months, and it paid off.

Wafa Yaqoob also did great, scoring 6 points out of 10 rounds. Her consistent play earned her a spot in Bahrain’s national team. It’s clear that Arjun’s Chess Academy is doing something right, nurturing these chess stars and making waves on the chessboard. As Najla and Wafa gear up for the Olympiad, they carry the skills and spirit instilled by Arjun’s Chess Academy. Exciting times for the academy and its promising chess champs!

Arjun's Chess Academy Best students march 2024:

Celebrating our brightest minds ♟️👑

We are happy to share the victories of our best students in March 2024 with you.


Rishi Kankhara -King

Nyrav Gopalakrishnan – Queen

Rudra Desai – Rook

Nithish Santhoshkumar – Bishop-1

Navaneet Krishna – Bishop-2

Deva Venkatasubramanian Pallasana Seshadr – Knight-1

Anirudh Varadan – Knight-2

Ayush Prabodhan -Knight-3

Janet George – Knight-4

Muhammed Izaan- Pawn-1

Syed Yousuf- Pawn-2

Hitesh Kalli- Pawn-3

Rishan Raj- Pawn-4

FIDE International Rating in Standard and Rapid Chess Category

Four students from ACA have earned their FIDE International Rating in Standard and Rapid chess formats! 🏆🎉 Congratulations to these students for their amazing achievement! 🙌♟️ Well done! 👏

Gautham Sudheer Kumar – 1561 (Standard)

Aaryan Anil Jai Prabhakaran – 1449 (Standard)

Arnav Singh Dewan – 1460 (Rapid)

Rohan Karthik Velpula -1423 (Rapid)