November month - Arjun’s Chess Academy Students achievements


ISB Community Fest 2023 - Chaturanga Chess Tournament

Open category ACA Students who got prizes

2nd : Prithvi Raj Prajeesh

1st : Kanushi Kishore (Under-16 Girls’ category)

3rd : Sanjana Selvaraj (Women’s category)

1st : Hudson Antony (Under-10 Boys)

2nd : Arnav Ajesh Nair (Under-10 Boys)

3rd : Noel Abraham Punnoose (Under-10 Boys)

1st : Yashvi Kaushal Shah (Under-10 Girls)

2nd : Saira Mahajan (Under-10 Girls)

Champions at CBSE Bahrain Clusters 2023

ACA proudly celebrate the triumph of our chess champions in multiple categories at CBSE Bahrain Clusters 2023, hosted at the prestigious Asian School Bahrain🏆

Under-14 Boys Gold🥇
Navaneet Sreekanth
Rishi N
Rudra N
Hudson Antony

Under-11 Boys Gold🥇
Noel Abraham Punnoose
Sriram Palaniappan
Jairam Nagappan
Adam Binu Abraham

Under-11 Girls Gold🥇
Dhananyasri Nagarajan
Samara Rastogi

Under-17 Boys Gold🥇
Prithvi Raj Prajeesh

-17 Girls Gold🥇
Kanushi Kishore

Under – 14 Girls Gold 🥇
Ayushi Das

TTCA Blitz FIDE Rating Chess Tournament

Our chess prodigies set the board on fire at the TTCA Blitz FIDE Rating Chess Tournament on 19/11/2023 & 20/11/2023 in Panaji, Goa! 🙌🏆


🎖️ Rudra secures a phenomenal 24th spot in the open category with a brilliant 7.5/11 rounds!

🎖️ Navaneet Sreekanth dominates the Under-11 category, clinching 1st place with an impressive 7/11 points!

🎖️ Prithvi Raj Prajeesh grabs the Under-15 category’s 1st prize with a stellar score of 7/11!

Kudos to Rishi and Palaash for their commendable performances, scoring 6.5 and 5.5 points! 🙌

ACA’s dedication to nurturing diverse chess talents continues to shine bright! 🙌


Shri Vasudeva V Dempo Memorial Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2023

We’re thrilled to share the incredible success of our students at the Late Shri Vasudeva V Dempo Memorial Fide Rating Chess Tournament 2023 in Panaji, Goa (Nov 17-22, 2023).

🎖️Navaneet Sreekanth: 2nd in Below 1600 Rating Category (Standard).

🎖️ Rishi N: 1st in Below 1400 Rating category (Standard).

🎖️Palaash Mapara: 2nd in Under-9 category (Standard).

🎉 Huge congratulations to our talented players! 🎉

Arjun’s Chess Academy remains committed to nurturing chess enthusiasts and looks forward to achieving even greater milestones in the future.

CBSE National Chess Championship 2023

Arjun’s Chess Academy students participated in the CBSE National Chess Championship 2023 held in Noida from November 24 to 26, 2023.

🏆 ACA students Prithviraj Prajeesh, Kanushi Kishore, and Prutha Bapat represented New Millennium School Bahrain in the Under-17 Mixed and Girls categories, respectively. Ayushi Dash from Bahrain Indian School played in the Under-14 Girls category.