Train with Chess Master Arjun, Bahrain's Renowned Chess Teacher

Train with Chess Master Arjun, Bahrain's Renowned Chess Teacher

Experience the world of strategic thinking and smart moves with Arjun, at Arjun’s Chess Academy in Bahrain. With his many achievements in chess tournaments and titles, including Gold Medals and competing in international championships, Arjun is well-known in the chess world. He is a FIDE Candidate Master  and  He is a great Chess master for anyone looking to improve their chess skills and reach their full potential. Learn from Arjun and improve your chess game with his expert advice and guidance at Arjun’s chess academy.

Arjun's Contributions to Chess World

  • FIDE Candidate Master.
  • National Master of USA.
  • FIDE Instructor
  • Gold Medal Winner in National Team Chess Championship Bhubaneswar 2016
  • Participated Asian Cities Chess Championship 2015 in Sri Lanka & Finished Fourth & high scorer on Board 4
  • Represented India in Commonwealth Chess Championship 2012 & 2015
  • 54thKerala State Senior Champion
  • Three times All India Open FIDE Rated Champion
  • U- 17 Kerala State Champion
  • U-25 Kerala State Champion
  • Three times Calicut University Individual Chess Champion (2014,2016 and 2017)
  • Kerala State Senior Team Captain in National Team Championship 2015 (Goa)
  • Kerala State Senior Team Captain in National Team Championship 2016 (Bhubaneswar)
  • Runners Up in 16thNational Cities Chess Championship -2015 Goa
  • Placed 4th in 14th National Cities Chess Championship-2013 Kottayam
  • Participated Buddhi International Chess Championship 2015 in Sri Lanka & Finished 5th
  • Participated in International Chess Tournaments in Switzerland, New York, Philadelphia, Dubai, Sharjah, Barcelona, Bilbao ,Sri Lanka.

Master the game of chess with Arjun

Arjun has been fascinated by chess since he was young, spending countless hours honing his strategic skills on the chessboard. His passion for the game has taken him around the world, competing in tournaments in GCC countries and beyond. Through these experiences, Arjun has become a highly skilled player, earning prestigious titles like FIDE Candidate Master and USA National Master. Now, he shares his expertise by coaching others through his academy. Join Arjun’s Chess Academy to learn from a master . Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, Arjun’s academy offers classes for all levels. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your chess skills with a renowned chess Master.

From Chess Master to Chess Mentor : LEARN FROM THE BEST

Arjun, a renowned Chess Master at the Chess Academy in Bahrain, has transitioned from a competitive player to a skilled Chess Teacher and Trainer. His approach focuses on instilling a strong foundation in chess principles while also tailoring his methods to meet the individual needs of each student. With expertise in various areas such as openings, middle game strategy, and endgames, Arjun ensures that his students are well-rounded players.

Our Students Speak


Mastering the Art of Chess

Is chess just about intelligence?

No, Chess includes creating a nurturing environment where individuals not only learn the tactics of chess but also develop essential life skills such as critical thinking, strategic planning and resilience. This is precisely the vision of Arjun’s Chess Academy. As a Chess master, Arjun’s dedication to sharing his passion for the game and fostering excellence and success in the next generation both on and off the chessboard is unparalleled.

The students of Arjun’s Chess Academy Bahrain and across GCC have achieved remarkable success in numerous Chess Tournaments and also entered into the World of International Chess Rating by acquiring their FIDE Rating.

Arjun Chess Academy provides Chess classes for kids in Bahrain, as well as for beginners and advanced players, ensuring that every student receives personalized chess coaching to excel in the game.

Make Your First Move: Embark on Your Chess Journey with Arjun's Chess Academy

Start your chess journey with Arjun’s Chess Academy, a surest education ground designed for chess lovers of all tiers. Our academy sticks out with certified teachers who convey a wealth of expertise, making sure a comprehensive mastering revel in. The based curriculum now not only covers the fundamentals but additionally delves into superior techniques, catering to each beginners and pro players.

Immerse yourself in an attractive learning environment that fosters boom and camaraderie. Whether you are a amateur or looking to refine your competencies, Arjun’s Chess Academy provides the ideal platform. Take your first circulate toward chess mastery – join up for a unfastened trial or magnificence nowadays and elevate your recreation with expert steerage and a vibrant network of chess fanatics.

Arjun, best Chess Trainer and Teacher


Chess master

I was introduced to chess at the age of 7.Since then I’ve been fascinated about the world of 64 squares. I have travelled extensively all around the world for chess and that has taught me immensely about life as well as chess. I have been a trainer for the past 10 years and have created international Fide rated players all over the globe. Arjun’s Chess Academy is my humble initiative to promote the game of chess and to create champions.